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italian cake recipe


italian cake recipe


°500g Mascarpone cheese

°Sufficient cocoa pure

°24-30 Italian ladyfingers

°3 c strong coffee chill

°3 tsp dark rum

°2 egg yolk

°2 egg white

°1/2 c sugar


Combine espresso and rum as one In a bowl, beat the egg whites until solid with an electric blender. To book Blend the egg yolks in another bowl, with the sugar and the mascarpone until homogeneous. Overlay egg whites to combination In the lower part of a 9 inch springform dish, sprinkle cocoa to cover the base utilizing a little sifter Immediately plunge the ladyfingers each in turn into the espresso blend and organize in the lower part of the shape to cover it Then spread 1/3 of the cheddar filling, sprinkle again with cocoa and re-try similar 2 different layers with doused bread rolls, cheddar and cocoa Chill and Serve

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