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Cinnamon Toast


Cinnamon Toast


8 slices of sandwich bread

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

40 grams butter


Step 1

Pour powdered sugar into a deep dish and add cinnamon powder. In another deep dish pour half a glass of water.

The second step

Mix cinnamon with powdered sugar.

Step 3

Dip the hand (clean required) in the water and then wipe it with a piece of bread on one side and repeat on the other side. It’s just a matter of wetting the bread so the sugar sticks to it well, especially not soaking the bread in water!

Step 4

Place the wet slice of bread on top of the sugar/cinnamon mixture and press firmly to stick the sugar.

Fifth step

Do same with other side bread.

Step 6

Put the slices of bread in a frying pan over a high heat, without anything else, and let them caramelize.

Step 7

When it starts to smoke, flip the bread over until it caramelizes on the other side.

Step 8

Remove from the pan and brush a small piece of butter to melt on contact with the burning caramel. Wait a moment

Enjoy !!!

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